Renewia SPA and Teamsystem, a partnership of 110 and praise

Renewia SpA e TeamSystem una partnership da 110% e lode

Renewia spa signed a partnership with TeamSystem, developing a digital platform to accomodate requests of assignament of receivables and tax credits by the clients of Renewia spa and Dromos appalti spa.

The offer stands out in the market because it's completely digitilized. This allows all types of customers of Renewia spa and Dromos appalti spa, to manage the documentary compliance of the process and to access easy to use and dedicated areas.

Thanks to the realization of this new digital portal, the users will be able to manage the entire range of services and products linked to the world if Superbonus 110%: from the initial phase of documents entering to the launch of the file, up to its final refinement.

This way Renewia SPA and Dromos appalti make available to customers services and solutions related to Superbonus 110% and to other tax benefits already active (Ecobonus a d Sisma bonus).

Renewia SPA and Dromos appalti spa will, in addition, provide financial support to guarantee financial liquidity necessary to the start and realization of the operations provided for by the regulatory framework that defines the tax benefits.

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