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DROMOS joins a network of companies called RESTARTLAND which proposes, as its main activity, the implementation of a series of interventions as part of the ambitious ecological transition project.

DROMOS, as a company belonging to the network, proposes to carry out, within the activities of its sector to which it belongs, interventions aimed at the construction of systems for the production of photovoltaic energy of different size and power (greater or less than 1 MW) and BIOGAS and BIOMETHANE system . The FEP 2022-2026, for the RESTARTLAND sector, provides for the construction of photovoltaic plants with a power not exceeding 1 MW aimed at creating energy communities (hereinafter also just «EC»).

Energy communities are a group of subjects (municipalities, condominiums, families or cooperatives) capable of producing, consuming and sharing energy in compliance with the principle of energy self-consumption and self-sufficiency, using systems that produce clean renewable energy.

With the establishment of the energy communities, the possibility of producing energy through renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaic panels, is being launched. The real news, however, lies in the possibility of exchanging and accumulating energy among citizens, in the true spirit of community. In this way families, condominiums, production plants, cooperatives will be able to become producers and consumers at the same time, simply by installing systems in their homes or factories, capable of producing renewable energy.



We support the client in every phase of the project: from the research to the negotiation, up to the refinement of the operations. All of this together with “dedicated” consultants.

• the General Contractor’s approach allows to have a single interlocutor for the planning and the making of the whole project and enables to provide interested parties “turn-key” finished works, by accessing tax incentives and taking charge of the assignment of tax credit. «chiavi in mano» accedendo agli incentivi fiscali e facendosi carico della cessione del credito di imposta;

• the application of eco-sustainability principles dictated by the innovation construction modeling of enabling technologies of the Smart building, guarantees the excellence in the making of energy efficiency measurement and seismic improvement of urban and rural territories.

• the implementation of the Smart Landscape paradigm launch a transition from a static model to a dynamic model of the governance’s relations between people and territory.

Superbonus: energy efficiency and anti-seismic adjustment for public housing (EGP) 
per l’edilizia residenziale pubblica (ERP)


Dromos Appalto SpA is committed to an important redevelopment project of the public housing stock (erp) for the execution of improvements related to the Superbonus 110%, the energy efficiency and the anti-seismic adjustment of the buildings managed by IACP ( independent institute public house), the benefits of which will end on 31 December 2023.

The Sponsorship

GL ONE spa (engineering company for the planning and the integrated management of high value-added services) and Dromos Appalti SpA (general contractor in the building renovation’s sector) have:

  • the commercial, technical and management facilities to acquire contracts and to manage the work and services;
  • a plan for the achievement of economic goals.
  • a portfolio of 26 initiatives at different state of progress corresponding to approximately 740 millions of euros of in lifetime investments (including IVA).
  • a pipeline of 21 prospect initiatives for a total of 590 millions of euros in investments (including iva)

The pipeline includes the execution of works for more than 1.330 millions of euros on about 15.000 housing units.

The interventions

We propose the realization of a mix of interventions considered suitable by the ERP:

  • c.d. the “leading” interventions:
    – anti-seismic, substitution of winter conditioning, thermal insulation, wraps.
  • c.d. the “towed” interventions
    – photovoltaic systems, replacement of fixtures, electric vehicle
    charging, building automation’s system.

Our services

National and international infrastructures

we take care of the study, planning, realization and management of new works in the viability and public transport sector. We operate on an international and national level in building and managing Large Transport infrastructures collaborating with the most important players of the sector.

Renovation of historical buildings

We restore historical and monumental building doing both structural and finishing works, up to the the restoration of forniture and artworks. Through renovation, restoration,restructuration and maintenance activities we bring back historical buildings to their former glory, always complying with current regulations.

Building and infrastructure design

Whether it’s a mall, a logistic hub, a big medical or tourist facility, our team of consultants and engineers is able to support designers and developers throughout every phase of the process.


We take care of real estate renovation project from planning to the delivery. We offer global solutions like financial planning, technical analysis, planning making and after-sales support. We put at disposal of our clients services and solutions related to the Superbonus 110% and other tax benefits already active ( ecobonus and sisma bonus).

Energy efficiency

We reengineer and optimize energy systems of buildings to renovate or of new construction, following all the stages of the project in order to ensure profitability, asset value and environmental well-being. From the energy efficiency to the anti-seismic consolidation, the application of the eco-sustainability dictated by the innovation construction modeling of Smart building’s enabling technologies, combines the need for energy efficiency with the most recent technologies.


We offer technical and design support for the definition of exigencies, tax and legal advice necessary to close a transaction successfully. Through a network extended with individuals and institutional operators, we support the client in the management and valorisation of real-estate and urban assets from public and private entities, owners and assets managers, companies operating in the field of maintenance, management and valorisation services of urban and real-estate assets.

Technical and tech support

Our teams dedicated to the infrastructures provide businesses with customised technological and technical application support for every reality and need. We offer technical support for the management of real estate, given the experience in the optimization's field of processes, organizational infrastructures and IT, in addition to technical support services for the strategic management of facilities and property management services.

Facility management

Dromos has an important know how in terms of facility management, and with its dedicated staff is able to plan, manage and provide integrated and innovative services in support of the main activities of all private companies and public entities. Between the services provided as part of the Facility management: 1) Serviceability and operability of services 2) Innovation of technological infrastructures. 3) Energy efficiency 4) Health and safety at the workplace.

Real Estate

Dromos Appalti specializes in interventions in the building, restoration and real estate sector and has established itself as a leader in the energy upgrading and seismic retrofitting market through agreements with the main national and international players.

Our sistemic and digital approach, together with the continuous search for innovation, has made us partners of numerous companies in the real estate and open innovation engineering sector.

Why rely on Dromos Appalti SpA

• for the flexibility of the cost book fee and the sharing principles of the Open Book which are guarantee of transparency.

• cause it’s a young company, but carries along a cultural heritage and almost thirty years of experience, thanks to the expertise of the company internal staff.

• doesn't only deal with building and upgrading. Dromos Appalti SpA boast a long experience also in the management of housing stock, by placin it as a reference point starting from preliminary draft up to the management and valorisation of the property.

Full control. Step by step.

The quality of services offered by Dromos Appalti SpA is guaranteed thanks to a systematic approach in every construction phase of the project. The planning process begins with a research and analysis phase, proceeds with the design, developed through advanced criteria and the presence of next-gen technological tools, and ends with the building and eventually the fiscal management of the works performed.

With Dromos Appalti SpA you choose to invest in future potentials paving new roads rich in opportunities.