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Dromos Appalti it’s a system integrator specialized in the construction and real estate sector.

Dromos Appalti deals with the renovation and recovery of historic buildings, the realization of complex works and infrastructures both national and international and with the real estate and energy upgrading, both private and public all over the country.

From the big residential, commercial and hotel real estates, to the private healthcare and non-profit organizations. The partnership and the integration with other realities of the real estate and open innovation engineering sector, ensures cutting-edge solutions and advanced technologies.

More energy for your projects

Dromos Appalti has signed a net contract with Enel X Italia, company of the Enel Group active in the Italian market for goods and services of energy efficiency, electric mobility, energy upgrading and systems for the prevention, adoption and adaptation of anti-seismic measures. In this way Dromos offers all the benefit of having, always, full control over every planning stage, without loss of time or dispersion of cost.

PNRR: incentives for tourist businesses

In 2021 incentives for tourist businesses have been approved, provided for in PNRR and implementing regulations for benefits have been published, which are addressed to:

  • Hotel businesses (hotels, motel, B&B)
  • Agriturism structures
  • Outdoor accomodation facilities;
  • Businesses in the tourism, recreational, trade fair and congress sector.
  • Bathing establishments, thermal spas, marinas, theme parks.


To this, are added the benefits addressed to travel agencies and tour operators that made investments concerning the digital sector, in addition to the younger people who want to start businesses in the tourism sector.

Dromos Appalti SPA is at the side of all business operators who want yo know about the opportunities offered by the PNRR concearning incentives for tourism.  

Our partners


It’s about a formal control activity of all the documents, necessary for the assignament of credit and discount on the invoice.


The qualified technician certifies that the work meets the requirements provided for by law. Including the proportionality of costs of the same procedures.


The management of every single phase and the CRM are entrusted to a digital platform designed and made by us, thanks to the collaboration between Renewia and TeamSystem.

Dromos Appalti: digital transformation and integrated innovation

Our clients via reserved access get the chance to follow remotely and online the progress of the project and work and they can easily manage the compliance documents of the process and access to easy to use dedicated areas. 

Dromos Appalti always stands out for its digital approach that tends to constant innovation, the attention to the capital and to the personal and vocational training, the ideal if high quality and expertise gained over many years of experience.

All these factors have made this company a leader in the market for energy upgrading and anti-seismic consolidation of the current housing stock, of residential properties both condos and individual homes.


Consiglio d’Amministrazione

Ing. Gaetano Nacci, Presidente del C.d.A. e Amministratore Delegato

Sara Marocchi, Consigliere Delegato

Bruno Giotta, Consigliere Delegato

Ing. Michele Tarquinio, Consigliere

Dott. Giandomenico Marchitelli, Consigliere

Collegio Sindacale

Dott. Antonio Quarta, Presidente del Collegio Sindacale

Dott. Fabio Corvino, Sindaco effettivo

Dott.ssa Simonetta Giordano, Sindaco effettivo

Dott. Fernando Massa, Sindaco supplente

Dott.ssa Annagrazia Politi, Sindaco supplente